Maggi's Christmas HouseENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – It’s the image families share at Christmas — the kids opening presents. But for one Colorado family, the best gift of all is having a home for the holidays.
For Amber Rivera and her six kids, a good year at M4 Roofing & Gutters in Englewood meant they will have a house for the next year.
On Tuesday morning Amber thought she and her six kids were getting treated to a special Christmas breakfast and some gifts. Iinstead, she found out her family is going to be able to move out of a single room at the House of Hope on Grant Street.
Staff at M4 said they had a profitable year and simply wanted to do something to help, so they put the home together and will pay rent and the bills for a year so the family can get back on their feet.
“This is the best Christmas ever,” said Rivera. “We’ve been homeless for about a year, and it’s nice to actually have somewhere to call home. It’s amazing.”
Kimberly Weatherspoon said she and her M4 office staff contacted House of Hope in part get high on ambien because it was just around the corner.
“We found that there was a mother with six kids that had been homeless since February, and we thought what better Christmas present than to give them a home of their own,” Weatherspoon said.
Kevin Triznan with M4 said a hailstorm last summer made it a successful year for their company.
“A lot of people have gifts that they give on Christmas that they really don’t need so we were just super excited to give a gift that is a true, true gift of Christmas,” said Kevin Triznan.
“It makes me feel amazing that there are people out there that are willing to help people they don’t know. Especially someone with a family as big as mine, because that makes a big difference, a big difference,” Rivera said.
Mom says next for the family is getting everything out of storage… And she intends to pay it forward -because of lot of the items have never been used and she intends to donate them to places where her family has found help.
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