Owner Information

For over 20 years, Kevin Trizna, owner, has been in the residential roofing industry. Along the way, he has also been involved in commercial roofing, industrial roofing, and government roofing sector (that is a bureaucratic
story in itself!).

M4 Roofing was founded in 2004 here in the Denver metro area, and Kevin has taken his team and turned it into a wealth of experience and skill that is unparalleled in today’s residential and commercial roofing industry. We now have offices in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Thanksgiving Roofing Mistake

His reputation of honesty, professionalism and generosity is best exemplified by the Broomfield Thanksgiving roofing nightmare. This incident was widely reported at Thanksgiving of 2010 in which another roofing contractor removed 1/2 a roof from a homeowner’s house that was NOT supposed to be removed! Unfortunately, the roofing contractor would not make good on the new roof except by placing a large tarp on the torn off portion of the roof. Upon hearing about this Thanksgiving disaster on 9News, Kevin knocked on the homeowner’s door on Thanksgiving morning at 7:30am and offered them a free roof so they could have a stress free holiday!

This is just one in a string of instances where Kevin has demonstrated his professionalism, generosity, and kindness. Many try to emulate these values, but end up walking away from the situation when the going gets tough. You see this happen all of the time. A company is only as good as their management and the experience in which they bring to the table. Don’t be fooled by the companies that think entering the roofing industry can be a fad! You have seen them on television trying to get rich quick and as everyone knows, this never works! Kevin always has and will continue to operate with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics and quality workmanship.

Strong Family Value and Commitment

Kevin was married to his wife, Maggi, for 20 years and they have 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls.   Maggi passed away in 2013 from cancer but her legacy lives on with the creation of MAGGI’S HOUSE.  The company name “M4” represents the 4 girls in the family, all their names beginning with M! The kids are heavily involved in activities that include but are not limited to the Denver Area Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Highlands Ranch, ThunderRidge Football, ThunderRidge Poms, Rush Soccer, Zoom Track Club, Blue Sky Lacrosse, Metro Districts lacrosse and basketball, and many school activities and clubs.

We work with REALTORS®

We work with realtors all around the Denver area. We understand the real estate process and many times this roof inspection has to happen right away. We enjoy working with realtors that know once they’ve placed a call to us, they feel relaxed and confident in knowing that their inspection will happen within 48 hours.
We offer more than roof inspections for realtors but still understand that time is of the essence in the real estate market. When you make a call to us for an honest opinion of a roof and need an estimate to use for the property transaction, we can respond quickly and professionally.

Insurance Claims

As homeowners, we are vulnerable to Mother Nature every day. When misfortune lands at our doorstep or, in this case, our rooftop, we can be thankful for insurance coverage and the availability of roofing insurance claims for storm damage. When purchasing insurance, it is always advisable to check with your insurance agent about your policy’s coverage as it relates to roofing insurance claims storm damage.

If your roof is damaged during a storm, the first thing to do is contact your insurance agent. You will need to ask about their policy regarding the filing of roofing insurance claims for storm damage. Your agent will then advise you in proper procedures and deadlines. Explain to your agent, in detail, exactly what damage was caused and the date of the occurrence. If your roof is leaking, it will need to be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid further damage to the interior of your home. It’s important to inform your agent of any repairs that need to be made without delay. This information is crucial in the processing of roofing insurance claims for storm damage.

We work with many insurance companies and can provide you with a free estimate to take to your insurance agent.

Awards and Memberships

Since 1991, Kevin has earned numerous awards and been affiliated with many roofing programs.

    • Professional Roofing Advisory Council: 1999
    • Better Business member since 1993, both in Virginia (1991-2003) and Colorado (2004-present)
    • National Roofing Contractor’s Association


Current or past member of these reputable organizations:

  • Certain Teed’s Professional Roofing Advisory Council
  • City of Denver Licensing since 2004
  • National Association of Home Builders
  • Denver Area Better Business Bureau
  • Highlands Ranch Chamber of Commerce
  • Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce
  • New Mexico Better Business Bureau